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About Us

We are a salaried initial teacher training provider and graduate programme.


Many graduates often consider teaching as a potential career option, but the limited availability of salaried positions combined with an inaccessible threshold for entry requirements can often put people off applying.

Through our innovative and flexible programme, we want to ensure the most dedicated and enthusiastic educators get the opportunity to earn their Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and begin their journey to becoming a lifelong teacher. 

Our two-phase programme means you can start developing your experience whilst you finish your degree and work your way slowly up towards teaching a full timetable.

We have rolling admissions for the programme, so you can apply whenever you are ready!

The retention crisis in education has meant schools are always facing challenges in recruitment and retention. Through our unique two-phase programme, our aim is to create a pipeline of trainees who are committed to teaching as a career long-term, stay at the schools they train with, and develop their practice with care and consideration.

We help schools tackle their recruitment and retention challenges by placing trainees within existing vacancies at the school. At the same time as filling a position, your school will be able to invest in a staff member who will be moulded in the image of your school.

Our goals are simple: tackle the retention crisis in teaching, create a generation of teachers committed to high-quality practice, and reduce unnecessary spending in schools.


About Us

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Why Grad2Teach?


It's hard to predict the needs of your school in advance. That's why Grad2Teach acts as a network hub - linking schools and sharing trainees. 


For many of our partners we organise termly events where our partner schools have the chance to meet the brightest and best of our new trainees. With graduate recruitment it's often best to hire for attitude over experience - you can't see this on a CV.


The Grad2Teach Programme is designed to fit around the School's needs. There are no restrictions on timetable or role for Phase One. 


With three entry points in the year too, we're set up to train the teachers that you need when you need them. 


We pride on working with schools to make our programme work for them, not the other way around.


At Grad2Teach we believe that teachers learn as much as they teach in the classroom.  With this in mind we have maximised the amount of time our trainees spend in your school. 

  • In Phase One our trainees won't miss a day - they are with you five days a week, 195 days of the year. All of the training takes place in half term. 

  • In Phase Two (PGCE year) our trainees are only absent for six days of training in the whole academic year. 

  • Phase Two trainees will need to have a contrasting placement of four weeks - we endeavour to swap our trainees where we can.

Meet Our Trainees


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