Michelle Ellis-Tipton

Michelle Ellis-Tipton

Teaching and Learning Lead

About Me

Michelle is the Teaching & Learning Lead for Grad2Teach, overseeing the training course in Phase 1 and ensuring trainee success in Phase 2. She began her career in education as a secondary English teacher in 2005 before working as an Assistant Head of Department, Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Trainer. Michelle will never say that teaching is boring (because it is never, ever boring) or unrewarding, but believes it does take a special kind of commitment and resilience. As the Teaching and Learning Lead at Grad2Teach, Michelle is committed to helping our trainees to become confident, knowledgeable practitioners who can tackle its daily challenges head-on and flourish regardless. This means recognising the importance of humour and perspective as well as pedagogy and practice, so our graduates become colleagues whose pupils and schools truly value them.

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