The retention crisis in education has resulted in schools facing greater challenges than ever in recruiting and retaining teaching staff.

Through our unique two-phase programme, our aim is to create a pipeline of trainees who are committed to teaching as a long-term career, remain with the schools they train with, and develop their practice with care and consideration.

We help schools address their recruitment and retention challenges by placing trainees within existing vacancies at the school. By filling a position, your school will simultaneously invest in a staff member who will be shaped to align with your school's ethos.

Our goals are simple: to address the retention crisis in teaching, cultivate a generation of teachers committed to high-quality practice, and reduce unnecessary spending in schools.

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Trainee Geography or PE Teacher

ST1 [from £9,000 per term]
Paul is well-positioned for a career in education, demonstrating a solid foundation in both Physical Education and Geography. His decision to transition into teaching is backed by his significant experience and skills developed over the years. Previously working as a sports coordinator in a school, Paul has a clear understanding of the challenges and unique opportunities that the teaching profession presents. At university, Paul majored in Geography and Human Movement Studies, providing a robust academic foundation for his teaching journey. His diverse working experience equips him with maturity, professionalism, and a strong work ethic, making him a valuable addition to any school environment. His background working with young people in schools and rugby academy settings has honed his ability to teach, coach, and guide students toward adulthood. Paul's experience in managing challenging behaviours and meeting parent demands has prepared him well for the realities of teaching. He is motivated by the opportunity to help shape young people into the best versions of themselves. His current role has further sharpened his time management, administrative skills, and ability to work both autonomously and within a team. Paul's communication skills, whether through writing reports or teaching in a classroom setting, are well-developed and adaptable to various audiences. He is aware that transitioning into teaching will present new challenges but is confident in his resilient character to meet them head-on. Paul is ready to put in the necessary work to familiarize himself with the current Geography syllabus and is open to support to make the transition smoother. With his extensive transferable skills and life experience, Paul is prepared to embrace this new opportunity. His commitment to education, combined with his diverse background, makes him a promising candidate for the role of either a Physical Education or Geography teacher. Paul looks forward to contributing positively to the school community and starting his journey to becoming a dedicated and effective teacher.

Primary Trainee

ST1 [from £9,000 per term]
Ken's interest in teaching ignited while tutoring children part-time. Witnessing their improvement sparked a desire for a career with purpose. He transitioned from a non-educational job to teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), starting with CELTA certification. Volunteering at Belong Nottingham, he gained experience before becoming an EFL teacher. Currently teaching adults, Ken aspires to return to his initial path through Grad2Teach training. His recent observation at a primary school reaffirmed his passion for teaching, particularly in key stage 2. Despite challenges, Ken sees education's pivotal role and eagerly anticipates nurturing future generations in a comfortable learning environment.

Mathematics Trainee

ST1 [from £9,000 per term]
Michael is passionate about becoming a teacher to ensure all children have equal learning opportunities. With a career goal to impact society positively, he believes teaching is the best path to train responsible future adults. His strengths in creativity, leadership, determination, and critical thinking, alongside his love for mathematics, drive his aspiration to be a transformative teacher. Michael's experience as an assistant headmaster in Ghana has provided valuable insights into supporting students effectively. He plans to tailor his lesson plans to incorporate various teaching styles, ensuring all students can engage and learn. Michael aims to create a supportive learning environment where every student can thrive, fulfilling his ambition to make a positive difference in their lives.

Science Trainee

ST1 [from £9,000 per term]
Blessing is a dedicated individual with a strong commitment to positively impact lives through teaching. They eagerly anticipate embarking on a course leading to qualified teacher status. For Blessing, teaching is not just a profession; it is a profound passion in action. She understands that an effective teacher must possess essential qualities, including patience, empathy, effective communication, resilience, and adaptability. Her choice to specialise in teaching sciences at the secondary school level aligns perfectly with her educational background and prior experiences. From excelling in subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Economics, Mathematics, and English during their secondary school years to her university studies in Human Anatomy, Blessing's educational journey has been deeply immersed in the sciences. Two master's degrees, one in Public Health (Health Promotion Specialist) from Babcock University and the other in Leadership in Health and Social Care from the University of Derby, have further solidified her expertise in the health sciences. These academic accomplishments provide the theoretical foundation required to achieve her ultimate career goal—positively impacting lives. Blessing's commitment to teaching and her diverse educational and experiential background position her as a promising and dedicated future educator, ready to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her students.

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