Trainee Science Teacher

Salary/Rate:£16,000 - £36,000 FTE
County:West Midlands
Course:Phase 2
School Type:Secondary
Post Date:22. 05. 2024

Partnerships Co-ordinator

About the Role

Are you captivated by the wonders of life and eager to share your passion for biology? Join our outstanding partner school in Biology as a Biology Trainee Teacher on the Grad2Teach Salary Teacher Programme.

Why Choose Us?

  • Outstanding Partner School: Immerse yourself in a dynamic educational environment where excellence is celebrated, and innovative teaching is embraced.

  • Salaried Teacher Training: Earn while you learn! Benefit from the Grad2Teach Salary Teacher Programme, providing financial support as you embark on your teaching journey.

  • Specialised Biology Focus: Dive into the world of biology education. Our programme is tailored to fuel your passion for biology and equip you with the skills needed to engage and inspire students.

What We Offer:

  • Practical Experience: Gain hands-on experience in the classroom from day one. Collaborate with experienced educators dedicated to helping you succeed in the art of teaching biology.

  • Comprehensive Training: Receive top-notch training that blends theory and practice. Develop a strong foundation in pedagogy and educational strategies specific to biology teaching.

  • Mentorship: Benefit from a supportive mentorship programme. Our experienced mentors will guide you through your training, providing valuable insights and constructive feedback.


  • Degree in Biology or Related Field: Hold a degree in biology or a related subject, showcasing your expertise and passion for the fascinating world of living organisms.

  • Enthusiasm and Dedication: Bring your energy and dedication to the classroom. We're seeking individuals committed to making a positive impact on students' lives through the exploration of biology.

  • Commitment to Continuous Learning: Embrace a growth mindset and a willingness to continually develop as an educator in the field of biology.

Join us in shaping the future of biology education and inspire the next generation of scientists! Apply now and make a difference in the lives of students at our outstanding partner school in Biology.

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