Trainee Business Studies Teacher

Desired work region:West Midlands
Relocation possible:No
Why they want to teach:To make a positive impact on the next generation of business leaders.
School Type:Secondary
Subject:Business Studies

Partnerships Co-ordinator

Ally Burrell
Ally Burrell
Partnerships Coordinator

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Computer Science or History Trainee

ST1 [from £9,000 per term]
Stephen commenced his Cyber Security degree in 2018, later realising a passion for teaching following summer breaks with his children. Despite the pandemic disrupting his studies, he pursued a teaching career, joining EAST SCITT for training post-graduation. Battling Bicuspid Heart Valve disease, surgery complications, and a subsequent stroke, Stephen's resilience remains unwavering. He acknowledges the necessity of prioritising recovery over haste, learning from past mistakes. His devotion to computing, education, and history drives him forward, inspiring him to make the subject accessible and engaging for students through relatable scenarios and real-world examples, leaving a lasting positive impact on their learning journey.

Trainee Mathematics Teacher

ST2 [From £10,333 per term]
Alfiyat fervently believes in the transformative power of education, advocating for equal opportunities. Her passion lies in shaping young minds as a teacher, viewing educators as champions who provide crucial support and guidance. She aspires to teach mathematics, recognising it as a universal language fostering confidence and growth. Alfiyat's dedication stems from firsthand experiences, where effective teaching bridged linguistic barriers and empowered students. She has witnessed the impact of well-planned lessons and differentiated learning, fostering inclusivity and academic success. With a solid background in mathematics education and a master's degree in education studies, Alfiyat is equipped to excel as a secondary-level teacher. Their commitment extends beyond the classroom, supporting diverse learners and collaborating with families. Alfiyat's diverse experiences and unwavering dedication underscore their readiness to inspire and guide students towards excellence in mathematics.

Trainee Primary Teacher

With six years of experience as a teaching assistant and a bachelor's degree in Children’s Care Learning and Development, she feels equipped to embark on her teaching journey. Megan excels in building rapport with children and possesses essential skills such as patience and adaptability. She has experience teaching small groups and whole classes, demonstrating proficiency in various subjects. Committed to her professional development, Megan is eager to make a difference in children's lives as a teacher. Her next step is to apply for teacher training, driven by her desire to instill a love for learning in future generations.

Trainee Business Studies Teacher

Jack had always harboured the notion of becoming a teacher ever since his days in secondary school. Recently, he had the opportunity to witness firsthand the challenges, rewards, and joy that came with the profession. Teaching stood out as an attractive option for Jack. Not only was it a sociable career, but it also offered the chance to make a significant positive impact on people's lives and contribute to their personal development. Moreover, Jack sought a career with clear and achievable progression paths. He believed that teaching provided ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, whether through advancement to roles like head of departments or head of years, or through involvement in various extracurricular activities offered by schools.