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£19,000 - £30,000 FTE


31 December 2023




Are you a graduate looking to start a career in teaching? Our Grad2Teach programme offers a unique opportunity to teach students about the impact religion and psychology has on the world we live in. As a trainee psychology and religious education teacher in one of our partner schools in Derby, you will participate in our salaried teacher training course.

This is a great chance for a patient, determined, and compassionate individual with some school experience. With our programme, you'll receive hands-on training, and if successful, you'll gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). 

In addition to gaining valuable teaching experience and QTS, being a part of our Grad2Teach programme also allows you to be a part of a supportive community of educators. Our partner schools are dedicated to providing a positive and nurturing learning environment for students, and our training programme is designed to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to be a successful teacher. You will receive mentorship and guidance from experienced teachers, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other trainees. 

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to shape the next generation and advance your career. Apply now!


To be eligible for this programme you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have determination, resilience and a patient, caring attitude.

  • Have a relevant, university degree with a minimum of a 2:2 classification.

  • Have the confidence and ability to lead the class.

  • Be able to demonstrate your resilience.

  • Be able to train across all key stages to broaden your skillset


Why choose Grad2Teach as your salaried teacher training course?

As a trainee on Grad2Teach’s salaried teacher training programme, you will receive high-quality, CPD-accredited training. All your training is led by experienced school leaders, including coaching and mentoring.  Grad2Teach will ensure you meet the Teachers’ Standards throughout the salaried teacher training programme.

With Grad2Teach you will work to complete a one- or two-year course, achieving a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). 

You will gain experience working in at least two schools whilst on our salaried teacher training course.

Upon passing Phase 2 of Grad2Teach’s salaried teacher training programme, you will have completed your PGCE and be a qualified teacher with QTS.

In Training Phase 1, you will

  • Receive Grad2Teach-funded training while you work on our 39-week, school-based, salaried teacher training programme

  • Gain invaluable insight into classroom management and teaching practice.

  • Receive 24/7 support from our friendly team

  • Receive three Quality Assessment observations from one of our trainers in your employer school

  • Develop an understanding of what it means to be a great teacher

In Training Phase 2, you will

  • Attend 6 training days with our partner university

  • Complete 3 written assessments reflecting on your experience and what you’ve learned so far

  • Cover up to 90% of a teaching timetable within a classroom

  • Work under a dedicated learning mentor who will guide and advise you along your journey

  • Experience two contrasting school placements, allowing you to broaden your experience

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