11. 03. 2024

Aspiring to become a Qualified Teacher?

Are you currently working in education as a Teaching Assistant, Cover Supervisor, Academic Mentor, or perhaps even as an Unqualified Teacher, but find yourself yearning to take the next step and attain Qualified Teacher Status? If so, you are not alone. Many individuals in similar roles face the same dilemma—wanting to progress but unsure of where to start or concerned about the financial implications of returning to full-time education. Or perhaps you would like a way to train at your current school…

Enter Grad2Teach—an innovative Initial Teacher Training program that aims to make the transition to becoming a Qualified Teacher as seamless, accessible, and inclusive as possible. What sets Grad2Teach apart? They offer salaried teacher training, meaning you'll get paid whilst you train to become a Qualified Teacher. It's an enticing proposition that eliminates the financial barriers that often deter aspiring educators from pursuing their dreams. It’s also a great way to remain within your community as an educator – there is no need to relocate for the programme if you don’t want to!

With options for both one and two-year courses, Grad2Teach provides a flexible pathway to Qualified Teacher Status, tailored to suit your individual circumstances and preferences. But it's not just about the paycheck—Grad2Teach is committed to providing all the support and mentoring you'll need throughout your training journey and beyond. From experienced educators to dedicated mentors, you'll have a solid support system every step of the way.

Chris Kinread, CEO, and co-founder of Grad2Teach, is passionate about empowering aspiring teachers to achieve their goals. He says, 'Nothing beats the joy I feel on graduation day. Seeing the sense of achievement, and, yes, sometimes relief, when our graduates secure their Qualified Teacher Status is one of the best feelings in the world for me.' With years of experience in the education and training sector, Chris is dedicated to producing resilient, long-standing educators who will make a real impact on children's lives.

Established in 2019, Grad2Teach has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of teacher training across England. But their journey is far from over—there's still so much more to come. And you could be a part of that journey. If you're intrigued and eager to learn more about Grad2Teach and how they can help kickstart your teaching career, why not give one of their friendly team members a call on 020 8148 6733? or contact us here.

Don't let uncertainty or financial concerns hold you back from pursuing your passion for teaching. With Grad2Teach by your side, the journey to becoming a qualified teacher has never been more achievable.

Partnerships Co-ordinator