Anna Da Conceicao

Anna Da Conceicao

Partnerships Coordinator

About Me

Anna Da Conceicao, an experienced educator with seven years in the field serving as a Qualified Careers Leader with a strong commitment to practical career education and training. Beyond the traditional scope, she adopts innovative approaches to navigate the dynamic landscape of professional development.

In her role as a Partnerships Coordinator at Grad2Teach, Anna goes above and beyond taking on the role of a mentor focused on empowering and supporting Grad2Teach trainees. By encouraging active engagement in their journey, she instills confidence and purpose in her trainees. While also sourcing placements and working with schools to embed our programme effectively.

Anna's dedication to staying abreast of the evolving educational landscape reflects her awareness of the contemporary workforce's dynamic nature. Her approach is straightforward – education as a tool for transformation, equipping students with the practical skills and mindset needed for navigating the complexities of their future careers. As a Qualified Careers Leader, Anna not only shapes minds but advocates for a pragmatic, holistic education that prepares individuals for success in their professional pursuits.


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