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The Mission

We are a Teacher Training provider offering one and two-year salaried training programmes which focus on building resilient, reliable and reflexive practitioners. Our goal is to create a pipeline of talented professionals, trainees and support staff within the education sector that will help to reduce schools’ recruitment costs and minimise loss of staff to industry whilst also, in the long-term, developing a network of education professionals across the UK – our partners rest easy on resignation deadline day!



It's hard to predict the needs of your school in advance. That's why Grad2Teach acts as a network hub - linking schools and sharing trainees. 


For many of our partners we organise termly events where our partner schools have the chance to meet the brightest and best of our new trainees. With graduate recruitment it's often best to hire for attitude over experience - you can't see this on a CV.


The Grad2Teach Programme is designed to fit around the School's needs. There are no restrictions on timetable or role for Phase One. 


With three entry points in the year too, we're set up to train the teachers that you need when you need them. 


At Grad2Teach we believe that teachers learn as much as they teach in the classroom.  With this in mind we have maximised the amount of time our trainees spend in your school. 

  • In Phase One our trainees won't miss a day - they are with you five days a week, 195 days of the year. All of the training takes place in half term. 

  • In Phase Two (PGCE year) our trainees are only absent for six days of training in the whole academic year. 

  • Phase Two trainees will need to have a contrasting placement of six weeks - we endeavour to swap our trainees where we can.



At Grad2Teach, we are committed to offering the best possible training and support for all of our trainees. 

This includes the option for trainees to receive high quality coaching from an experienced school leader, to encourage self-motivation and enable trainees to achieve their personal goals.  Our coaching framework allows for trainees to reflect on all aspects of their professional and personals goals through confidential conversations; this is a powerful tool for identifying areas of focus and reflecting on your own strengths. 

'Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth’ – Sir John Whitmore

Meet The Team

Photo of Chris Kinread

Chris Kinread

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Before setting up Grad2Teach I had a career in Education recruitment. As the costs to schools increased and retention of staff fell, I began to wonder if there wasn’t a different way to approach the problem. As a father of three and a governor of a primary school, I was keen to build a company that helped schools  manage in a world of shrinking budgets and increased costs, whilst at the same time rescuing practitioners from the ‘gig’ community.  We believe salaried routes are vital – otherwise, every teacher will be from a background where they can afford to take a year without pay, and not be representative of the students they teach. 


Michelle Ellis-Tipton

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I began my career in education as a secondary English teacher in 2005 before working as an assistant head of department, advanced practitioner and teacher trainer, and so I like to think that I’ve seen the business of teaching from many different sides. You’ll never hear me say that teaching is boring (because it is never, ever boring) or unrewarding, but it does take a special kind of commitment and resilience. As the Teaching and Learning Lead at Grad2Teach, I want to help our trainees to become confident, knowledgeable practitioners who can tackle its daily challenges head-on and flourish regardless. This means recognising the importance of humour and perspective as well as pedagogy and practice, so our graduates become colleagues whose pupils and schools truly value them.

Photo of Alexander Braithwaite

Alexander Braithwaite 

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My aims for Grad2Teach are simple: increase the number of trained teachers in the UK and reduce unnecessary spending by schools. I firmly believe that the best way to do this is to promote collaboration between institutions, training providers and prospective teaching staff - be they recent graduates, career changers, or in-school support staff. Grad2Teach, at its core, must be one thing above all else: supportive. Supportive to trainees, to schools, and to the whole education community. We spend a lot of time helping passionate people through their training programme and supporting schools through their delivery. We're giving more control to schools, saving them money, and building long-term pipelines of quality staff to teach the leaders of tomorrow, for years to come, for less.

Meet The Team

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Picture of Coventry University

We are very proud to be working in partnership with Coventry University’s National School of Education & Teaching.  The University has achieved the highest rating of Gold in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), and consistently ranks in the top 15 Universities in the Guardian’s Good University Guide.
The University’s National PGCE programme enables our trainees to learn and train ‘on the job’, whilst gaining first-hand experience of teaching and drawing a salary.  As a national programme, trainees can learn their craft in a location that suits them, receiving regular support from a dedicated personal tutor and uploading assignments to an online system for assessment. Along with this, the National PGCE has multiple start points throughout the academic year, so we can offer trainee positions in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.


'The team are professional and our trainees are fab'

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