Ghosthill Infant and Nursery School

Proud to partner with Ghosthill Infant and Nursery School

About Ghosthill Infant and Nursery School

Ghost Hill Infant and Nursery School has around 40 staff dedicated to providing First Class education. The Schools most recent Ofsted review rated them as a “Good School” which is a result of the high level of leadership and breadth of knowledge the leaders bring. We pride ourselves Our School is focussed on creating a nurturing environment, developing our children to reach their full potential by not only empowering them but by taking the lead on their learning and provide an enthused approach to our teaching. We have a well-resourced library area for all reading levels, a creative curriculum based on whole school topics and we offer a wide range of school activities that vary from tennis to martial arts. We are part of a tight knit community and have a fantastic partnership with parents who volunteer in a charity formed to raise funds for the school through organisation or events which has provided the school with new technology, an exceptional playground area and new equipment and books.

Why work us

We are a Salaried Teacher Training provider offering a unique two-phased approach. We're committed to being inclusive, supportive and comprehensive in our training.

In Phase One you will work at your own pace to complete an Accreditation in Preparing for Teacher Training while working full-time in a school.

​In Phase Two you will complete a salaried PGCE in partnership with The National Institute of Teaching and Education while working full-time as a class teacher.